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We believe that participation in the performing arts leads to deep appreciation of beauty and diverse points of view. Our programs help young people grow into curious and caring citizens with a strong sense of self and empathy for others. 


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Summer Conservatory students

Opera Scouts

After our great Italian adventure in April, 2018,  this cultural and performing arts ensemble for teens enters its third year with exciting opportunities to sing, learn, attend performances, and travel!

From September to May, we hold weekly meetings, masterclasses and workshops, perform at recitals and community events and attend performances all over the Bay Area.

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2018–19: The Year of the Hero

Opera is built on heroism.  Let us find our clear voices, and stand behind what we say. As we identify the strengths and passions of characters, we celebrate those traits and deeds that have the potential to elevate us all.

Learn more about the programs that comprise our Year of The Hero.

Sing with us

Self-expression. Confidence. Joy.

Students engage with beloved classics of the repertoire, building confidence and self-expression while exploring a panorama of colorful characters and engaging stories.

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Community Program

Create with us

Commitment. Creativity. Collaboration.

Inspiring 12-week residencies bring out the creative artist in all students, allowing them to engage with their curricula, communities and one another in meaningful ways. We can also hold residencies in high school classrooms.

School Programs

Perform with us

Teamwork. Responsibility. Inventiveness.

In these intensive, hands-on programs, students develop skills as singers and actors as they rehearse and perform operatic repertoire tailored to fit young voices.

Community Programs

Engage with Us

Insightful. Engaging. Inspiring.

We have brought students to San Francisco Opera since 1939. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Bay Area students have attended these performances.

School Programs

Community Programs

The Year of The HERO

Opera is built on heroism.  The epic stories we see on stage often depict larger than life characters with giant hearts and wills who will conquer all for love, family, and ideals.  The music is grand and swells around us like great, fervent waves of sound and energy, and the singers commit physically and emotionally to sharing the deepest connection to our shared authentic inner selves.

Let this be the year to identify the components of heroism and integrity and use them as our North Star, our compass.  Let us recognize the actions that come from these inner values and allow them to bring us together towards a united greater good; standing behind our words and speaking, singing and acting from clear intentions and strong hearts. And let us celebrate the heroism in the smallest among us, as well as those with the long flowing capes.

This year as we focus our programs on the Hero's Journey, we will:

  • Concentrate on acts of selflessness, bravery, integrity, and great heart, as we sing along to classic stories
  • Musicalize the hero's arc and tranformation from fear to bravery in our composition and performance work on literature and social justice themes
  • Come together as a community in The Hero Project, finding our voices to honor remarkable people around us, big and small, for their leadership and bravery
  • Celebrate the transformation of others and recognize that the accomplishment of one has the power to elevate us all

Let us unearth and commit to our moral compass, and find voice to express those values in music, art and our community. Look for the Compass icon in each of our program descriptions to see how all programs relate to The Year of the Hero.

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Discover Opera

Learn about school and family programs offered by San Francisco Opera Guild and San Francisco Opera.

For Families:

First Act

Exploration Workshops

Movie Screenings

For Youth and Teens:

Performing Arts Connection

Summer Conservatory

Opera Scouts

Opera for the whole family.

Opera Guild programs:

Sing a Story

Opera à la Carte

Book to Bravo!

Voices for Social Justice

Creative engagement, performance and composition programs for every grade level.

Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action):

Network Program

Residency Program

VAPA Mini-Residency

PEAK Program

Connect professional, artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula.  

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Learn about our mission and rich history.

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