Community Programs

Enrich your opera experience with a wide range of community programming, including interactive workshops for families with children, seasonal programs for teens, adult workshops and much more.

family Events

First act workshops

For families with children ages 6 and under.

Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday, October 29:
The Magic Flute Adventure

Exploration Workshops

For families with children ages 7 and older.

Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday, September 24:
All About Turandot

Sunday, December 3:
All About Turandot


A free event for families with children of all ages.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, October 29:
Disney Delights



Kids and Teens

We offer seasonal, immersive arts programs for ages 10–18.

September to June | Ages 12–18

Opera Scouts

Meet weekly for training, rehearsals and trips to local performances.

Spring | Ages 11–14

Performing Arts Connection: Spring Break for Teens

Fill your spring break with music, poetry, dance, theater and digital media storytelling!

Summer | Ages 10–18

Summer Conservatory

Sing your way through three weeks of non-stop opera and theater.

Overture Workshops for Adults

Curious about opera, but unsure where to start? Ever wonder how the opera chorus makes that incredible sound, or how sets magically change from one act to the next? Find out in our interactive workshops for adults!

Upcoming Workshops:

Mondays, September 25October 23:
How Opera Comes to Life

Friday, October 20:
Drinks & Drama: A Taste of the Season

Saturday, December 9:
Dance in Opera

Behind the Performance

Expand your understanding and enjoyment of this season’s productions.

Opera Previews

Learn more about this season's operas in these 90-minute previews led by lively opera experts.


Get a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process with our cast and production team members.