The Production


As Wagner’s majestic music humanizes the mythic figures of legend—giants, dragons, gods and heroes—the timeless tale unfolds in Francesca Zambello’s visually arresting production. Get a glimpse.


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Notes from Creative

Francesca Zambello

“The Ring is always contemporary. We are presenting a world in some ways familiar to our audience but also one that will feel very mythic as we look to our country’s rich imagery. The great themes of the Ring—nature, power and corruption—resound through America’s past and haunt our present."

–Francesca Zambello, Director

A Message from Francesca

Donald Runnicles

"Come to the Ring with a desire for adventure. Wagner’s remarkable mythical odyssey throws light on human nature from true love, greed, power and possession to parenthood and moral maturity. Its timeless relevance and deeply human insights touch each of our lives profoundly and unforgettably."

–Donald Runnicles, Conductor


"Donald Runnicles’ musical direction was virtually faultless, as rich and eloquent a presentation of this music as one is ever likely to hear"

The Classical Review

"Experience spine-chilling moments that transcend a superbly executed performance and thrust the spectator into that elusive realm of sublime emotion and passionate ecstasy."

Opera Now

"Zambello is a brilliant story-teller....She is adept at finding the dramatic kernel of a scene, translating words and sung phrases into something that is compelling on stage."

–The Classical Beat


Dr. & Mrs. William M. Coughran; Keith & Priscilla Geeslin; John A. & Cynthia Fry Gunn; Sylvia & John Hughes; Edmund W. & Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Fund; Bernard & Barbro Osher; Betty & Jack Schafer; Barbara A. Wolfe; United Airlines; Jan Shrem & Maria Manetti Shrem, through the Emerging Stars Fund; and Joan & David Traitel, through the Great Singers Fund.